An Introduction to the Empire Handbook

Hi, my name is Josh. Welcome to my blog, the Empire Handbook!

Why did I start this blog?

My entire life I have looked at the world around me and thought that something isn’t right. Everyone would tell me the game plan; what I should do in life to be happy and successful. It appeared as if they were right, until I followed the plan and realized it was all garbage.

Trading time for money, day in and day out, and making no real progress. Meanwhile time is fading away and the common story is that people have regrets. Regrets of time wasted, risks not taken, and of opportunities passed.

The common lesson is that we should all get an education, find good paying jobs, and then work our asses off for someone else so that we can have the nice cars, a house, and a solid retirement fund. This somehow equals happiness.

What is often not highlighted is the fact that time is something we will never get back.

I have two amazing daughters, a beautiful wife, and awesome family and friends. There are wonders to see in this world and experiences to have. I refuse to let these opportunities slip by me. I refuse to look back on my life with regret.

This blog is about taking ownership and paving my path. I do not yet have the answer on how to provide for my family or to enjoy the luxuries of life without my well-paying job. But, I will find out. I will find a way to leave my job and create the lifestyle I want. A lifestyle where I own my time.

What will I blog about?

There are several things that interest me that I have been passionate about for some time. Some of them play around a common theme, and this is what I will be writing about.

Since I can remember, I have had interest in business; making money. This eventually got focused into marketing. I can really care less about accounting, production operations, and management. Marketing encompasses psychology, systems, analytics, writing, design, and relationships. All stuff I love.

I’m also very into fitness, performance, and the study of success. While I don’t consider myself at peak levels in any of these areas, I do plan to get there.

I will be blogging about all aspects marketing; SEO, social media, copywriting, email, PPC, direct mail, automation, web design, programming, funnels, etc.

I will also be sharing my ideas, my goals, my successes, and my failures.

This is my first post. I could ask you to share and/or comment. But this one is really for me. Just taking the first step.